Unkindness of Time

Remember back in the heyday of blogging? Jill Filipovic, Sadie Doyle, Amanda Marcotte – they were occasionally annoying but not batshit crazy.

I accidentally stumbled across the three of them on Twitter the other day, and they are certifiably nuts. Like howling at the moon nuts.

And by the way, I first thought it was the menopause that was not being kind to them but then discovered that all three are younger than me. Two of them are actually in their thirties. By the intensity of their rage at life, you’d think they are ancient old hags but no, it’s not the natural aging process that’s messing them up.

8 thoughts on “Unkindness of Time

  1. It’s sad. There were a number of people who emerged as promising young writers in the early days of the blogasphere whose brains ended up getting eaten by social media.

    My impression is that Doyle was always a psycho, but with Filipovic and Marcotte I feel like there’s an alternate timeline in which they went on to have interesting careers instead of becoming part of the twitter troll horde.


    1. Exactly. I remember having nice, civil exchanges with Filipovic a decade ago. We disagreed but she was open to suggestions and overall a hopeful, positive person. It’s really sad to see her now.


  2. I fond out for the first time this week about the existence of Amanda Marcotte because of the Bruenig gate (never heard about the other 2). I looked at her Twitter account and I also thought she was way over 40. I think it’s the single lifestyle, the late nights out, the alcohol, and possibly other things that destroy your skin. I guess that’s the reason for her haggard looks.

    When you have a small child, you can’t stay out till 3am and get drunk because your toddler will be up at 5am requiring your full attention. As a result, you reset yourself to a more hygienic and wholesome lifestyle.

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    1. I don’t even know what she looks like. It’s the frustrated, rage-filled tone that got to me.

      I understand being envious of Bruenig. I’m envious of her. I wish I had met N in my early twenties and immediately had a bunch of kids. My life didn’t work out that way, and I feel sad over it. But I don’t hate Bruenig. I don’t hate anybody. To start barking in impotent rage at people you envy online, you’ve got to be in a really bad place.


  3. Nah, these three ladies have always been nuts — I remember their old websites from years ago. Filipovic could occasionally pass for sane when she was writing in alternate venues.


  4. Why did my comment go into “moderation” mode??

    Did I put a typo in my identification, or is WordPress mad at me again?


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