Going Back

We are going 100% back to campus, no social distancing or COVID capacities in the Spring of 2022!


My faculty members will be over the freaking moon. We were preparing to battle it out for the few available classrooms if we were going to be forced to observe social distancing. And now I won’t have to deal with people thinking I hate them personally if I can’t schedule them to teach in person.

Everybody has learned something.

11 thoughts on “Going Back

  1. Great, I hope it works out. If I were a betting man, I’d bet, however, that it it either ends up getting cancelled or has some onerous/humiliating/ pointless conditions added to it. Since there was no reason to close schools in the first place, opening them is also arbitrary, and can be changed as needed. Hope I’m wrong.


  2. I’m kind of surprised they’re not removing all restrictions in the Fall 2021 semester. Are they at least getting rid of most restrictions for Fall at your university? It really won’t make sense to keep that up while everywhere else things are normal.


    1. We made the schedule for the Fall last October, and once it goes into the system, it’s impossible to change. So for the Fall, we are staying with 6-feet distancing and mostly online.


      1. Right, but I imagine people on campus will be able to go about without masks or social distancing. I’m curious how things will turn out.


          1. According to the news, the mask mandate was dropped in your state for vaccinated people. Is that incorrect?


            1. Nevermind, I just read:
              “Masks will also continue to be required in schools, daycares and educational institutions.”

              Maybe those will be dropped soon enough too.


              1. God, I hope so. I’d agree to quadruple-mask at work if only they leave my kid in peace. I’m mostly alone in my office, anyway.


              2. Here in Massachusetts there are only 326 people in hospital with COVID. That’s such an insanely low number, they’re removing all restrictions by May 29th. I think universities will lag a bit, but they will follow along once everywhere else is opened.


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