I Spy

Trump fought against Nordstream 2 for four years like a rabid beast. But we were supposed to believe he was Putin’s spy.

Biden goes to every length to give Putin the gift of Nordstream 2 but he isn’t Putin’s spy.

This is only one of the many ways our Democrat-voting friends have been deceived by their media and politicians.

11 thoughts on “I Spy

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    1. I knew this was going to happen the moment friends in Israel started saying “we defeated COVID.” The search for a new battle began immediately.


  2. Well, at least Biden is tacitly giving Israel the go-ahead to exterminate the Hamas sewer-rats currently infesting Gaza — so he isn’t doing everything wrong.


  3. What happened to this Gazan family is a terrible tragedy.

    World media is not so quick to describe a Jewish 6-year-old killed by a Hamas rocket, a Jewish man murdered after being pulled out of his car and lynched in Lod by a mob of Israeli Arab citizens, and other victims of terror in my country.

    The terror tunnels coming near this family’s home are mentioned as an insignificant aside remark. Just today I read about Hamas shooting at Israel from a school building. No doubt Israel is presented as shooting at schools on some sites.

    As for the narrarive ‘after covid ended they searched for a war,’ Hamas had a huge interest to start this war right before the chance of building Israeli coalition with Israeli Arab parties threatened to become a reality. “No normalization with the enemy,” after all…


    1. “Hamas had a huge interest to start this war”

      So does Netanyahu….

      To be honest, Israel seems to be a half-step away from failed state status at present. How many elections have been held in the last few years that have not led to anything remotely resembling a stable government? What’s gone so wrong?


      1. // How many elections have been held in the last few years that have not led to anything remotely resembling a stable government? What’s gone so wrong?

        Well, that’s what happens when one tries to unseat Netanyahu.

        Not too strong or smart, but very ambitious and opportunistic politicians from the right, including righter than Likud parties, dream of N’s place as a PM. Thus, splits within the Right prevent a right-wing coalition government from forming (the way it has been formed in Israel since the 1970ies) and we enter an endless cycle of elections.

        Last elections, Arab parties – which are always in opposition – received an unusually high number of seats, 15 out of 120. To form a government, one needs at least 61 seats. Take a relatively large centrist party, whose leading slogan is “not Netanyahu” and a few right-wing politicians dreaming of becoming a PM with the help of those centrists and parts of the right, and the most natural result is … new elections.

        This time Arabs get only around 10 seats, yet the dream to get rid of Netanyahu dies hard.

        Before those elections, Gideon Sa’ar, who unsuccessfully ran for the leadership of the Likud, establishes a new party called New Hope and starts running against his former boss. His greatest innovative idea? “Right w/o Bibi.” 🙂

        An idea to create a Frankenstein government takes hold of our ‘servants of the people.’ This dream includes joining parts of extreme Right with extreme Left with Israeli centrists and … with Arabs (!!!) The highest goal of this new gov? ‘Not Bibi.’

        Six days ago we reach the logical result:

        “Anti-Netanyahu coalition crumbles as Bennett goes back to PM
        Yamina leader tells associates an alternative government to one led by Netanyahu and his right-wing partners would be unable to contain violent clashes between Jews and Arabs or rely on potential Islamist partner Mansour Abbas for support”


        1. “that’s what happens when one tries to unseat Netanyahu”

          He is long past his due date. No person can do a good job of leading a country from oveer 10 years (8-12 seems to be the range).
          He’ll drag the whole country down with him…


          1. Over 10 years? Think about 1996 – 1999 🙂 and then 2009-2021.

            To be honest, politicians who want to unseat Netanyahu look either as political dwarves or as more right wing than the current PM … both of which make them not very attractive to me.

            Checked wiki and discovered a new interesting tidbit about Bibi at the end of the 1st paragraph:

            “Benjamin Netanyahu is an Israeli politician serving as the prime minister of Israel since 2009, having previously served in that role from 1996 to 1999. Netanyahu is also the chairman of the Likud – National Liberal Movement. He is the longest-serving Israeli prime minister in history and the first to be born in Israel after its Declaration of Independence.”


          2. Merkel has served longer than N and has been more or less the same at her job.

            “She served as leader of the Opposition from 2002 to 2005 and as leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) from 2000 to 2018. ”

            Don’t think her mistake with the refugee crisis was done because of being too experienced.


            1. “Merkel has served longer than N and has been more or less the same at her job”

              She’s never been that good. She came in on the prosperity created by Schroder and does as little as possible and when she does do something it’s generally underthought like ending nuclear power, destructive like enforcing austerity in Greece and inviting hundreds of thousands of unvetted migrants to Europe or just dumb like getting the proven incompetent Ursula von der Leyen to lead the EU.
              She wore out her welcome many years ago (while wrecking the careers of those who could take over).

              10 years, that’s the rough limit before they become too alienated from the citizenry to do a good job.

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  4. This is very disappointing and the media’s double standard is shameful. Good mainstream journalism is dead.


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