Expensive Ambiance

Cherries at Walmart cost exactly half of what identical cherries cost at the fancy local grocery store. I guess that at the fancy place one pays a premium for the ambiance of the shopping experience.

6 thoughts on “Expensive Ambiance

  1. You have discovered the secret to saving on groceries!

    It is the same here: the Publix (a very aesthetically pleasant place! Sometimes described as the “Disney World of grocery stores”) gets their fruit and fresh veg from the same suppliers as the local Piggly Wiggly. Publix charges at least 25+% more for the same produce, and has a smaller variety.

    What that premium buys you is: an employee-owned company (not a bad thing!) with excellent customer service, nice floors, full-spectrum lighting, cute little simulated rainstorms to keep the veggies from wilting, a selection of imported chocolates, a bakery, and a decent deli. And when it rains, the bagboys will walk you out to your car with a big umbrella.

    Piggly Wiggly, though– concrete floors, working-class customers, gigantic beautiful bundles of fresh collards that tower above the cart, cheap mangoes and avocados, honey from three different local apiaries, ugly oranges (I look for these, because the uniformly-bright-orange ones have been dyed), and meats that are incredibly cheap because the trainees at the packing-house cut them wonky. All their pricing is wholesale plus 10% at the register– very transparent. Customers affectionately refer to the place as “The Pig”.

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  2. I cannot resist good cherries. They were $3.97 a pound at my Wal-Mart. I can’t imagine them costing $8.00 a pound and paying that! Phew. Aldi has the best price on fruit, in my humble opinion.


  3. I’m moving soon to where there’s Food Lion, Aldi’s Publix and Piggly Wiggly within close distance. Any thoughts on Food Lion?


    1. Food Lion belongs to Southeastern Grocers, and is exactly the same as Winn Dixie. Their ambiance, pricing, and customer base fall between Publix and PW. So, you get neither PW’s excellent prices, nor Publix’s exceptional customer service.

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  4. Way out here in the Arizona Southwest, the cheap grocery choices are between Walmart Superstores and a local chain called Safeway (a subset of nationwide Kroger). Both will deliver almost free within two days if you order a modest total amount, and to get the best deals you have to compare their individual prices each time you order. (Sometimes Walmart will charge 25% less for a large box of Tide detergent but 20% more for a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper, but the next week, Safeway will have to best deals. Their vegetable, potato, and condiment prices stay about the same.

    I always shop via their Internet websites, NEVER go in-store to shop. (I have been doing this for almost 20 years, long before the pandemic, so who cares about the store ambiance, personal customer service, or full spectrum lighting on the aisles.)

    The only exception I make for more expensive food is quality meat and poultry. I eat a great deal of red meat (boneless beef and pork T-bones), which I grill almost exclusively in my George Foreman Grill, and bone-in chicken breasts, which I bake in my conventional oven. I order these meats from Omaha Steaks, because I can depend on their meat cuts being flat enough to cook evenly in the two-sided G.F. grill that cooks simultaneously on both sides of the slice, and on the chicken breasts being of a uniform size and density that
    I can set the same baking temperature and cooking time for each breast without having to do any unnecessary calculations first.

    I don’t consider myself a chef by any criteria. But for 76-year-old-bachelor, I eat well. 🙂

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