Magical Incantations

They’ve been hailed as virus success stories – places that have seen virtually zero or single-digit Covid cases since the start of the year. But this month, Singapore and Taiwan have both seen a sudden and aggressive rise in cases – with Singapore logging 248 new cases just last week, and Taiwan 1,200 local infections. . . By global standards, these numbers may seem small – but for these places, these figures would have been unthinkable just months ago. So what exactly went wrong?

These people are either clinical idiots or they are pranking us. “Magical incantations are great against mosquito bites. But no matter how many incantations I make, I still get mosquito bites. I wonder, what went wrong?” Really, what a mystery.

One thought on “Magical Incantations

  1. I like the photo that shows up when you click on the link – a masked woman praying to the Gods of covid.

    I don’t honestly understand how highly educated people— for example my entire social circle — believe in this stuff!


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