Stupid Question

My favorite stupid question is, “have you had COVID?”

Even among the elderly nursing home patients, 80% who test positive are asymptomatic. So how am I supposed to know? I only got tested once, against my will. What happened before or since, I have no idea and zero interest.

7 thoughts on “Stupid Question

    1. Given that the tests for Covid are notoriously inaccurate, I don’t know how anyone can know if they’ve had it, unless they had the full-blown version. I’ve never been tested and don’t plan to be, but there’s no question I was exposed to it, and I had a few mild symptoms on several occasions (just as I experience cold symptoms almost every winter), so the odds are I did. But where did this notion come from that it’s everyone’s business whether I’ve had Covid, or whether I’ve been vaccinated?

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  1. I usually say yes, I did, it gave me an autoimmune disorder and this is why my doctor has determined the risks of vaccination outweigh the benefits so please stop harassing me about getting vaccinated.

    Okay, I don’t usually end the sentence like that. But I want to. People get insane.

    I really want to know how someone would respond to the STD question in response, though. I have no qualms about telling people I’ve had COVID, and I never have, but I do know that nobody is entitled to that information, though they sure as hell act like it.

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