Book Notes: Gad Saad’s The Parasitic Mind

The book is free on Audible, so I got it but I can’t say I’m very impressed. It’s a fine book but I don’t get the genre of preaching to the converted. The potential audience of the book knows all of the stories Saad tells and thinks exactly what he does about them.

The only parts I liked are the ones where Saad tells of his childhood as a Jewish boy in Lebanon. I wish he talked more about that instead of the recent news stories. I also found the story about how he asked people how many Jews they thought lived in the world. I obviously know the answer, but I was astonished to see how dramatically people overestimated that number.

3 thoughts on “Book Notes: Gad Saad’s The Parasitic Mind

  1. I felt the same way. His book, along with Ruben’s book, presents nothing new or interesting. I suspect he’s a bit late to the draw. Write this book ten years ago and you’re prescient. Now, you basically put together a Youtube playlist.

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  2. I ask co-workers from time to time to give an estimate of the world Jewish population. Their replies typically WAY over estimate the number.

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