“Color Revolutions”

A person who uses the expression “color revolutions*” is either a Putinoid troll or an unrepentant idiot who is unwittingly listening to Putinoid trolls.

On the other hand, if you’ve never heard this expression, congratulations, your information sources are free of this rot.

* The term is used by Putin’s propaganda to express contempt for pro-democracy movements in the post-Soviet space. These movements are of no consequence or interest to anybody outside of Eastern Europe, and that’s exactly how it should be. Let people figure out their own lives.

4 thoughts on ““Color Revolutions”

  1. Context matters. I have always thought “color revolution” referred to the relatively rapid historical transition from mostly black and white photography to mostly color photography. Of course the process was more complicated, including the transition in the other direction a century or so earlier from color portraits to black and white ones, with the widespread switch from paintings to photographs.


    1. It’s gotten to the point where I have changed my lecture on the birth of modernism to avoid using this expression to refer to the phenomenon you mention.


      1. Interesting. From my academic field, I have no idea what “modernism” means. It is not a word we use, but if we did it would probably refer to “after Gödel”.


  2. “color revolutions”

    I’m a tiny bit more nuanced. At one point it did refer to a real-ish thing (reported CIA involvement and/or attempted manipulation of popular uprisings) but the dunning use of the term by Putinites has successfully made it unusable and like ‘racist’ and ‘transphobic’ it is now mostly is a signal of bad faith and/or mental issues of the person using it.

    Political discourse has been so degraded in the last 10 years that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to talk about anything of substance – which was, I guess, the whole point.


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