Masks are no longer required at my church. Everybody was maskless today, except for the children. All children except mine were masked. It’s not required. People are freely choosing to do that to their kids. And these are religious people whom one normally wouldn’t suspect of being big fans of MSNBC.

I truly despair sometimes.

18 thoughts on “Despair

  1. Why do you keep despairing just because everybody in the world is crazy except you? Take my word for it, life has been that way for at least the past 76 years.

    Don’t worry about it, the world keeps turning everyday.


  2. I was at the greenhouse the other day and saw a young couple with two little kids. Mom and Dad were maskless, the two kids were masked. WTF? After all this time, Mom and Dad are still unaware that children are the ones least at risk from Covid? The kids were at greater risk of dying in a car accident on the way to the greenhouse than they were of dying from Covid.

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  3. One item worth pointing out is how selfish and wasteful developed countries are to push so hard to vaccinate teens and children, while other countries haven not even begun vaccinating their elderly or more vulnerable populations. Where is the solidarity and wokeness here?

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    1. Yes, all of the adults were maskless, including those who are over 90. But all the kids, including toddlers, are masked. Apparently, the logic is that since kids can’t get vaccinated, they are at risk. We are a year and a half in, and still people haven’t processed the fact that the risk varies by age.

      I’ve stopped saying “toddlers aren’t at risk” because people look at me like I’m completely nuts. Like I’m saying something so outlandish they have no idea how to engage.


      1. That’s nuts. You’d think that even if they believe every paranoid rumor about COVID, and they feel like they’re saving lives by masking up the unvaccinated kids… they might at least wear one in solidarity, so the kids don’t feel bad about it. The fact that they’ve abandoned masking themselves says they recognize how awful it is. But… still willing to do that to the kids, after abandoning it themselves. That makes me sad.


        1. Also, what a way to make kids associate the church with discomfort, unpleasantness, hypocrisy, and being treated like a leper for no reason.


  4. Most masks are to protect others from you, not you from them unless it’s a full-on respirator-type mask these kids are wearing. So: kids aren’t vaccinated and could be shedding active virus … is this the parents’ thinking?


      1. I know you keep saying those things but every other virus can be spread by people of any age including asymptomatic ones, and I have not been able to figure out what the actual logic of this is, or at what birthday, exactly, the transmission capability would kick in, or whether it would be the same for each individual.

        Still: are these parents having the kids wear the masks because they imagine the masks protect the kids? Or, are they having them wear masks (respirator-type, correctly fit) that DO protect them?


        1. It’s not what I keep saying. It’s what the science shows. This has been studied in depth throughout the past year. The number of studies demonstrating that kids don’t transmit this particular virus is very large. So is the number of studies showing that there’s no asymptomatic transmission. Even Fauci already accepted there’s no asymptomatic transmission.

          Here’s a pretty old one:

          “Almost 6 months into the pandemic, accumulating evidence and collective experience argue that children, particularly school-aged children, are far less important drivers of SARS-CoV-2 transmission than adults.”

          The reason why children don’t get infected and don’t transmit is that they don’t have angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE)-2 receptors that drive the transmission of this particular virus. In that, SARS-CoV-2 is very different from the regular flu that does affect children significantly. There’s data from all over the world supporting these early findings.


          1. Well, even so, what’s the reason for having masks on the kids and not the adults?

            I’m fully vaccinated & have been places where you had to have a recent negative COVID test and wear a mask.


    1. That is terrible. Two things stood up to me: (1) making children who are at the lowest risk from the virus to bear the brunt of the consequences for these idiotic measures, and (2) use of “Google mobility” as a proxy to determine public health interventions. We are enslaved through our cell phones.


      1. And it’s not about COVID at all. In the neighboring province of Quebec schools have been open since last year. And they don’t have worse COVID numbers. This is not about COVID. Then what is it about?


    2. This is absolutely terrible and immoral. Harming kids to benefit adults, I’m sorry, but what kind of savages do that? A society that so easily harms the children has no future.

      Bastards, bastards.


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