Today’s Malthusians

I highly recommend this article on the truly diseased and reprehensible Western attitudes toward China’s one-child policy. One would hope that Malthusianism would finally be abandoned but unfortunately it still has many adepts.

China reversed the policy, and that’s great. But the Westerners who applauded it are still in power here.

One thought on “Today’s Malthusians

  1. The unashamed condescension with which BBC documentarian David Attenborough acknowledged that China’s one-child had “produced all kinds of personal tragedies” really got to me. I find it revolting that he should have no moral prism through which to see the reality of what he was commending nor his own – immoral – reaction to it. He was simply “acknowledging” their predicament, without condemning those who had actually caused it, a little salve for his bleeding liberal heart.
    But then I am not surprised, morality is a four-letter word to such people, the self-evident, self-proclaimed salt of the earth, pathologically unable to put themselves in other people’s shoes even in the face of tragedy.


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