Death of Anti-austerity

Here’s an example of what happened to the gigantically popular anti-austerity movements.

In Spain, there was a massive protest movement against austerity. People congregated in plazas by the million and refused to leave. A new political party was created and immediately gained gigantic popularity. Huge electoral success. Immense bipartisan support. Yippee. This was all in 2011-12.

Then, as if by magic, the anti-austerity party rebranded and came out as a neoliberal party interested in nothing but identity politics. Women with penises, open borders, toppling statues, hunting imaginary fascists, that sort of thing. Of course, voters noticed and the former anti-austerity party collapsed in the polls. A far-right party (something unimaginable in Spain as recently as 2014) sprang up and started doing amazingly well at the polls because it’s at least pushing back against mutilating kids to please women with penises. Nobody speaks about austerity any more, of course.

Austerity used to be of interest. Millions of young people in different countries protested against it. And then ta da! Social media explode, everybody gets glued to a smartphone, all mentions of austerity evaporate, and instead mentions of racismracismracism explode.

Amazon and Netflix aren’t promoting books and videos about poverty, inequality, neoliberalism, austerity, or anything of the kind. Instead, they plaster one’s screen with anti-racist babies and all that silliness. Because “anti-racism” is not endangering their profit streams. To the contrary, it helps the bottom line.

All of these people who are loudly debating CRT in schools, where were they when millions of kids were deprived of schools and forced to stare at screens? That’s more damaging to kids than decades of CRT conditioning. Why did nobody care? When education money was diverted from actual education and handed over to Microsoft and Google? Which, by the way, is textbook austerity. Where are the discussions of how money is being diverted from medical services and given to telemedicine companies or Pfizer/Moderna? That’s austerity, but even the word is now forgotten.

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