Oh, and I didn’t even mention being denied access to education unless you get vaccinated for an illness that doesn’t threaten you. Where is a protest against the deaths and heart attacks of young people caused by COVID “vaccines”? The only people who are talking about it are, once again, the same old Gen X and boomer oldsters. The young people are accepting it all with the patience of sheep because Facebook didn’t tell them they need to be upset.

They come out in droves to support BLM in countries with no black population. But something that directly affects them – nope. Not at all.

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  1. As one datapoint, in horrible Canada (or at least Quebec) we (the university) are explicitly not allowed to ask anybody about their personal vaccination status, all decisions are made based on the percentages of those supposedly vaccinated among this or that age group.

    In general, I believe that you answered your questions several posts back. Namely, the anti-vaccination , anti-lockdown, anti-CRT crowd is just not cool enough. For every person like you who can read and understand and form informed opinions (maybe sometimes incorrect, but still informed), or like those Spanish young intellectuals you like so much, there are ten people who discredit your side by propagating opinions that contradict common sense and demonstrate significant lack of basic knowledge and/or empathy towards others. Add to that that young people want to be a part of something great, something that could make a difference…

    As for purely economic considerations… Let’s face it, the moment someone will actually get serious about student loan forgiveness, you will decry it as too much socialism or at least something that requires tweaking other related parts of the system (in Europe free higher education is more selective than in the US, maybe 2o% get it.) And in terms of being priced out of the real estate market, the way I see it in the young generation, there are two groups – the optimists do not protest because they still believe that they can make it (with more effort than previous generations). The middle class may be shrinking, but young professionals are still buying real estate, not everything is bought by large companies. The pessimists have lost any hope of home ownership a long time ago, it is not something that happened recently. Among the pessimists, there are again two groups. One has lost hope, period. The other sees the solution in radically more socialism. And, frankly, the latter group often seems more sane to me than those who still believe that running faster and faster in the hamster wheel of the existing capitalist system is the solution.


    1. Yeah, it’s not cool to be for any of the things I listed. But why is it uncool? Because TikTok and Insta aren’t marketing it as cool. Why is austerity (“defund the police”) cool? Because FM markets it as cool. Who defines what is “great and can make a difference”? Who decided that “great and cool” is strictly what enriches Zuckerberg? I’m guessing it was Zuckerberg himself.

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      1. By the way, there were gigantic anti-austerity movements just a short time ago. But the last time they existed was 2012. Since 2012, nothing. Coincidentally, 2012 is the year when smartphones become ubiquitous. Every study of smartphone usage and its impact uses 2012 as the starting point.

        Nobody even uses the word “austerity” any more.


      2. I wish it were that simple…
        I actually believe that most people, in both conservative and woke camps, choose media channels they like to hear in the first place (and ignore the rest), and the ability of any propaganda to change anybody’s opinions about anything is very limited.

        The problem with conservatism is that it promises the return to the “good old days”. (I am oversimplifying everything drastically, of course.) This stance is inherently not very attractive to the majority of the young people, even if the old days were truly good and the solutions from the old days were reproducible now (which the solutions from the 1960 are not). If conservatives want to be more popular they have to rebrand themselves and invent some NEW third way, different from both “good old days” and woke mainstream. I do not insist it has to be “socialism” (this one is “old” too), I am willing to consider any meaningful alternatives.


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