Don’t Forget to Brand

Here’s a great example of building a personal brand.

An athlete took third place in some extremely niche sport nobody cares about. I honestly never heard of this sport before this week.

So what is the obscure athlete to do? How to stop being so obscure and begin to monetize?

The smart athlete makes a big show of disrespecting the national anthem and claims its her way of protesting against racism. Or sexism. Or global warming. Or whatever.

Immediately, everybody gets mega triggered and now this woman is the most talked about athlete in the country. Everybody knows her name and what she looks like. Imagine how the athletes who won first and second place in that competition must feel. Nobody gives a crap about them. The poor buggers thought it was enough to win but nobody cares about your win if you haven’t got a brand.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Brand

  1. Screw that athlete. DeAnna Price, in that round, scored an all-time personal best, blew away the US women’s hammer throw record at 80.3 meters, and became one of the top two in the sport EVER. She is amazing to watch in action!

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    1. …and I didn’t watch that competition because of the controversy. I have no idea who that third-place kid is. I watched it because DeAnna is AMAZING and I’m a bit of a fangirl. 🙂 Have you seen the Olympic qualifying rounds in track with Athing Mu? She is also incredible. My nieces are rooting for her because she’s from Texas, but dang, that girl can run! Absolutely wiped the floor with some of the best runners in the sport. In the qualifying round.

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  2. The women’s hammer event is perhaps not the most popular, but track and field is definitely not an extremely niche sport


  3. She popularized the sport, that’s a win for every woman throwing hammers. Also, thanks to her I’ve seen the girls who won their first and second place.

    On a side note, it’s really stupid for athletes to parade the BLM stuff. The woke liberals are not the one ones who buy tickets for the sporting events. The capital is putting money into these events only to advertise to the masses. If the masses don’t show up, the capital will be gone as well. The woke athletes are annihilating their income sources and have only themselves to blame.

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