Take Charge

In people under the age of 60, almost all deaths and hospitalizations in intensive care for COVID occur in obese people. The risk for people under 40 who are at a healthy weight is too low to measure.

All of the readers of this blog yawned at this point. Yeah, we all know it, what else is new.

But friends, normies don’t know this. Seriously, ask them. They don’t know. I recently asked a normie friend, “who is at a greater risk to die of COVID, a 20yo or an 80yo?” She said the risk is the same. She is a Full Professor, not some idiot living in a cave with no internet access.

This isn’t widely known. And yes, weight loss is a long-term proposition. But we’ve been at this COVID silliness for 1,5 years. Instead of pouring money and effort into keeping people sedentary and eating junk, we could have done the opposite. That would have really made a dent in COVID mortality. And diabetes. And heart disease.

But it wouldn’t be profitable for the companies that govern us with the help of what we traditionally know as governments. So it is up to us to stay alert and do the right thing for ourselves.

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