Coerced into Participating

Even paying for a Christian school doesn’t allow one to avoid leftist lunacy. I have to fill out a state-mandated form that asks me what sex was “assigned at birth” to my child. This is stupid and insulting. My child wasn’t assigned anything. She is a female child. We knew this at 12 week gestation through a blood test I took.

Then right next to it, there’s a question of “what’s your child’s gender?” Because I’m now not allowed by the state of Illinois to be a GC feminist who doesn’t believe in “gender” as a category separate from biological sex.

What I really detest is that we aren’t given an option not to participate in the unscientific insanity. By providing an answer – any answer – I agree that there is such a thing as “assigned sex” that can be different from “gender.” I’m being coerced by the power of the state to participate in spreading vicious, hateful beliefs that are not mine.

It looks like a small thing but it’s not. This kind of coercion seeps out of seemingly innocent school forms and infects everything. I’m being forced to participate in spreading an ideology that mutilates children. We are all being forced to do these distasteful, horrid things, and there’s nowhere to go to protest because our input is not solicited. We are simply told that we have to applaud when children are being hurt.

2 thoughts on “Coerced into Participating

  1. I had a surgeon who went from “this is a serious problem, you need surgery as soon as possible” to “this is no big deal and if you want surgery, you’ll have to pay for it out of pocket because I’m telling the insurance company it’s just a cosmetic, elective surgery.”

    What changed? In between the two, her office sent me the surgery pre-registration paperwork, which asked about my gender identity. Given that the surgery involved my breast – which I hoped to still be functional for breastfeeding after surgery – I thought that my biological sex was much more important than my gender identity, and took the opportunity of the “other” free form space to say as much. This “true believer” in the gender identity cult not only tanked my surgery but made notations in my electronic medical record that made it so that the new (not-irrational) surgeon and I had to jump through quite a few hoops to convince the insurance company that the surgery was necessary and the notations were retaliatory and bogus. It took 18 months to clear up the mess she made, and having to wait that long caused a lot of damage that could not be repaired by that point.

    This stuff is not only unscientific and insane, it is causing deep harm to real human beings. I’m a grown human with a certain amount of resilience. The far-reaching harm of physical and psychological impairment and destruction being foisted upon young kids is so much worse,

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    1. That is a horrific story and I’m sorry that happened to you. That story should be told to everyone who will listen. And yet no one will believe it and may even blame you. So sad and stupid.


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