No Fun Travel

My sister must really love me extraordinarily much to attempt a trip from Canada with two small children to see me. The whole process of traveling these days is such an incredible, ridiculous, expensive hassle that nobody would undergo it without a very potent reason.

Traveling for fun is dying. At least for those who aren’t quite rich. And I mean, not what we considered rich before. But really rich. Global elite rich.

9 thoughts on “No Fun Travel

  1. You are very kind to recognize this, please make sure to tell your sister that. I made two trips across the ocean during this pandemic to see my family. It was the right thing to do, especially considering the health of my parents, but I am not entirely sure they understood the hassle (quarantine on both ends, testing requirements, …). We are done traveling for the moment as I do not have the heart to subject my now 2-year old to masking requirements in airplanes for flights that last that long. I am hoping the masking requirements on planes will go away soon, at least for children (I actually see that as the biggest barrier to our traveling), but I will not hold my breath. (I can hear someone saying now that airlines are private companies so they can make any requirements they like. If you don’t like it buy your own airplane! I am sure if you are one of the elites, that’s exactly what you are doing right now. Flying unmasked on your private jet.)

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  2. Travel seems like such a long time ago. It’s not the only thing disappearing from reach. We are trying to move. My husband took a job three hours away based on… I mean, we checked the real estate listings in the area before we agreed to the job offer, and we were like “okay, yeah, we can afford to live there”.

    It was a pipe dream. We’ve been looking for a month, with no luck. I’m terrified we’ll either have to turn down the job, or rent him the cheapest studio apt. we can find so he can live there during the work week and commute home to the family compound on weekends. We were so excited about him finishing school, and starting a new job, and not being poor anymore. I’m beginning to realize how dreadfully naive that was.

    He’s supposed to start next week.

    The area we’re trying to go to has been taken over by real estate investors. God help us.

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      1. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy, but between the investors and the COVID moratorium on evictions (which just got extended to the end of July), it feels like anyone with less than a six-figure income just got banned from moving. It feels like we are serfs and we’re not allowed to leave the manor.

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    1. I am so sorry this is happening to you! If the new job is really good, it may be worthwhile to go with the second option of renting a small studio apartment and commuting weekly. It is no fun, but it will give your family needed income and time as you look for a better job in a better area or sort out your housing situations. I hope you will find the best possible solution for all of you! If you are religious and believe in praying to saints, where I come from, st. Joseph is a go-to intercessor for finding a house.


      1. Yeah, we are looking at all our options– renting an RV for a couple of months to continue the house search, weekly commuting from a studio apt, trying to get a short-term lease on a very tiny apartment, maybe buying a refurb single-wide trailer and renting a trailerpark lot (I have an appointment this week to go talk shop with a trailer sales guy in the area, just to see if that’s feasible).

        It’s his first job in his new field, after graduating, so we can’t afford to bollix it. I’m scared now that we’ll bleed our savings dry racking up his first two years of experience.

        I have it from Catholic friends that a novena to St. Joseph is what’s wanted here: I’ll have to track down instructions.


  3. Enjoy every moment with your sister. I agree–traveling is a hassle with this global scam-demic. I have traveled twice to see my son and grand daughter. Flying was awful with the masks. Driving was better. but I understand one cannot drive out of Canada right now. Have fun with your family.


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