Stalled Vacation

I was supposed to start my vacation today but I came by the office to grab a book and. . . things developed from there to the point where I couldn’t leave for six hours.

The lab workers and the secretary have been giving me dirty looks. I’m not a mean, demanding boss. I mostly mind my own business. But they are normal people and would feel happier without me around.

Unfortunately, I just realized that I need to pick up another book from the office tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Stalled Vacation

    1. Brilliant article, thank you so much!

      The only thing that is missing is the understanding that people are eagerly cocooning themselves to protect themselves from the growing liquidity of existence. But as Zygmunt Bauman used to say, taping up and policing the orifices of the body doesn’t stop fluidity. It makes it worse.

      Those of us who read what Bauman had to say 20 years ago are a lot more ready to understand and manage the current situation because we knew what was happening.


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