3 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. Everybody seems to agree these days that absolute security and safety is possible and desirable goal.
    The only differences between so called liberals and conservatives is that the former demand absolute safety from the virus, and the latter are expecting absolute safety from the vaccine…


    1. No, we demand absolute safety from being forced to put unwanted things into our bodies. If there were efforts to force us all to get infected with the virus to achieve natural immunity, I’d oppose that, too.

      I don’t understand why the issue of consent has suddenly become so hard for people to comprehend.

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      1. One could also argue that while absolute safety from the vaccine is an achievable goal (you simply do not take it), an absolute safety from the virus is not, no matter your mitigation strategy (this includes vaccines for everyone). However, I do agree with Clarissa that this is about consent. Every person should be allowed to do their risk-benefit analysis and make the best choice for themselves and their children (whatever that choice may be) without coercion.

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