This is getting comical:

Remember double masking? This vaccine thing is going in the same direction.

7 thoughts on “Comical

  1. So what’s the big deal?

    I got my first two shots back in March and April — no reaction at all to either one. If I need a booster six months after April in October, I’ll just take it at the same time that I get my annual flu shot.

    Thanks to the vaccine, I haven’t felt the need to wear a mask outside in months, unless there’s a sign on the store requiring it. In that case, I’ll just put it on and wear it comfortably while I conduct my business.

    I don’t have any problem wearing a mask that makes my mean eyes look like the villain in a 1940’s Western movie. All that means is that I don’t have to worry about being clean-shaven or trimming my mustache.


      1. “The big deal is that this “vaccine” doesn’t even work.”

        The Pfizer vaccine definitely works for old people like me. The masks are pretty much useless after you’ve been vaccinated, but I’m not going to go to war with stores that still have “masks required” policies.


        1. Any protection from COVID from these vaccines wears out in 3 months. It’s been just a few months since vaccination started, and we are already talking about the third injection. It’s clearly unsustainable.


          1. “we are already talking about the third injection”

            In Poland ‘cases’ as fatalities have fallen off a cliff (less than 100 cases a day, hospitalizations less than 1/70 of a few months ago and under 15 deaths a day, most with comorbidities)….. and a few days ago a government figure announced that the fourth wave would begin in the second half of August… not predict or surmise, he just… announced it (no other word fits).
            A great thing about following Polish news is that politicians tend to not be subtle and sometimes just blurt things out rather than slowly hint at them…

            The actual efficacy of vaccines is a moot point – they’re not supposed to end the austerity lockdowns and so they won’t, no matter what’s happening at ground level. Governments will simply produce any evidence they can make up to keep from going back to normal before September and the media will follow along.

            At present they’re scrambling with unfrightening variants that barely budge hospitalization or mortality rates but the public isn’t buying it so much and so they’ll soon come up with something else.

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            1. Australians believe that the “new variant” mortality rate is 38%. In reality, it’s under 0,2%. So many really crazy people. I kind of feel bad for them.


  2. Semi-OT: Health crisis among children in New Zealand, not from covid, which is no threat to them, but from covid policies that physically isolate them and leave their immune systems in shambles….

    Ardern is, for my money, just as bad as Putin and Lukashenka and Xi. Truly one of the worst national leaders in the world at present. Why they aren’t surrounding her residence with pitchforks and torches is a mystery to me….

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