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Walking Cheese

For my sins, Klara adores screens. She’d watch a soap commercial on a loop for an hour if she got a chance.

Twelve days into our vacation she figured out that the TV in the living room can be turned on. All it was showing was “SpongeBob SquarePants,” so she watched that.

“Mommy, I really enjoyed that movie about the walking cheese,” she said on the next day. “I’d love to watch it again.”

Your Body, My Choice

It’s also interesting to see the pro-abortion rights people suddenly decide that “your body your choice” doesn’t apply if we are talking about COVID vaccines. These are the same people who flatly reject the argument that “your choice to abort is murdering people so you shouldn’t get to choose.”

There is a difference of degree because an abortion invariably results in the destruction of a fetus while a refusal to not vaccinate doesn’t invariably result in anything.

“Yes, but I don’t agree that abortion is murdering people.” And they don’t agree that their decision to not vaccinate can harm the vaccinated. Why should anybody care about your definition of life if you don’t respect other people’s definitions? If “public interest” decides what happens inside your body, then. . . prepare for some decisions you might not enjoy.

You either support forcing people to carry something inside their body that they don’t want to carry, or you don’t. And there’s absolutely no guarantee that tomorrow you won’t be asked to put something inside yourself that you don’t want.

I highly recommend considering if there’s something you won’t agree to put into your body “for public good.” Psychotropics? Opioids? Fake meat? A chip that reports your movements to your employer? Penis? What will your argument be to defend your right not to? I would take me seconds to come up with an argument how refusing each of these is “like literally murdering people.” Hey, we’ve heard arguments that people reading books somebody doesn’t like is “literal murder.” Why are people so certain that this mentality will never be applied to force them to do things they don’t want?

Where Are Your Principles?

The same people who are up in arms against the shaming and persecution of those who want to control their own bodies in what concerns masks and therapeutics are losing their shit over a gymnast who refused to jump “for the public good” because she says she knows what’s best for her.

Either you control your body or the collectivity does. You can’t have it both ways. If it’s OK to require that a person perform a gymnastics routine against her will, then the collectivity definitely bcan command you to put medication into your body to assuage its anxiety.

Whining that the gymnast is a selfish snowflake while in the same breath refusing masks because “my body, my choice” is hypocritical.

It’s equally pathetic that the same people who want to force-medicate others against their will are now screeching that everybody should respect the gymnast’s choice not to risk her health if she doesn’t feel like it.

This is what happens when people have zero principles and are guided solely by tribal concerns.