The Unclean Caste

Our university is going to force all professors to get tested for COVID weekly. Unless they can demonstrate vaccination.

This is a sneaky way to force people to reveal private medical information, punish those who don’t conform, and split the workers into “clean” and “unclean” categories.

COVID positivity rates on campus have been at 0% for many months. None of this is done in response to any medical necessity. I taught in person since last August without these weekly tests. Or any tests. Nothing changed in me. But the procedure is becoming a lot more onerous.

9 thoughts on “The Unclean Caste

  1. My place of work has the same exact stupid policy: produce a vaccination record or get tested every week. Even if you are immune through past infection. I had the antibody test done and it’s positive but that’s apparently not enough for the covid cult.

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  2. We have the same policy. Plus some limits on travel for unvaccinated. At least they do not have different policies for mask-wearing on campus for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. My feeling is that this will just get worse before it gets better. Anecdotally, over the past 1.5 years, I got many more emails from students telling me they cannot do something (show up to class, hand in assignments on time) due to side effects of vaccination than due to effects of COVID. Make of it what you will.

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    1. It’s weird, though, because how do you enforce it? Until now, we had monthly testing for everybody but I never showed for mine after the very first time. How can they make me do it?

      The reason why this is being introduced now is that the entire school of social work refused to go back to work without forced vaccinations. This is an attempt to mollify them.

      We are surrounded by idiots.

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      1. If our students miss 3 weeks of testing they will be removed from housing without a refund. It is not clear what they will do to faculty. I guess they can stop paying you until you comply (happened to my husband when he was unenthusiastic about taking flu vaccine some years ago that was required by his employer – they told him he will not get paid until he complies). At the moment, you just gets a bunch of annoying emails sent to you, your department head, the dean and I don’t know who else if you don’t show up for testing.


  3. At Kennedy Space Center, one must wear a mask if not vaccinated but no one is allowed to ask about vaccination status. So some people actually wear masks! We are still on “mandatory” telework so we are probably at 1/3 capacity on site –no NASA workers on site of course, working in person is for peons!

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  4. A lot of places around here have signs saying that unvaccinated people must wear masks, but they’re pretty meaningless, since no one actually enforces the policy. The result is that conservatives and libertarians and independent thinkers (most of whom have refused the vaccine) go without masks, while liberals and progressives and leftists (most of whom have taken the vaccine) still wear masks because they don’t want to be mistaken for (gasp!) conservatives or (heaven forfend!) Trump voters.

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    1. I have stopped wearing a mask at work because the employees have stopped wearing them and are giving me dirty looks when I show up in a mask. I’m “the boss,” so they feel obligated to mask when I’m masked but they are clearly hating it.

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