Eternal Crisis

In Spain, the ultra-left coalition of power is preparing a legislation that will allow the government to declare a state of emergency and expropriate the citizens’ property whenever it likes. The “emergency” can be medical, environmental, or pretty much anything.

The legislation will effectively cancel the freedom of expression during these emergencies, forcing the media to publish only the information mandated by the government.

The legislation also allows the government to treat the population as military conscripts. This means that during the emergency du jour you’ll have to follow orders and abdicate your will to your superiors.

The legislation gives the government the right to enter your living quarters without a warrant and remove you from there at any time.

This is a suspension of the constitution for the duration of the crisis. And once again, everything can be deemed a crisis. Remember “you will own nothing”? This is what it looks like.

In the US we are two elections away from this kind of thing. The party that created this legislation in Spain came into existence as an anti-austerity party less than a decade ago. And look what they are doing. There is no left anymore that isn’t owned by World Bank. It’s done, it’s gone. Whatever it was in 1972, today it’s this. Austerity, exploitation, oppression.

8 thoughts on “Eternal Crisis

    1. Absolutely. They called their party “UnidAs Podemos” because they are so pro-women. But their policies are pro-mass migration, which as we know, is super helpful to women, pro-trans lunacy, and raising prices on electricity. Their main electoral argument is that Spanish women don’t give birth to enough babies, so women who are better at it should be imported from Africa. So pro-women! Yippee.


  1. My memory is a little hazy, but I’m pretty sure that generally similar laws exist in Greece and have for a long time. Some people touted the laws as one of the reasons that Greece could respond to the pandemic so easily (outbreaks in Greece generally happen after decrees to invite tourists back into the country, not because Greece couldn’t control the virus).

    That said, the mentality of the average Greek is quite different to that of the average Spaniard, which makes me feel concern that Spanish authorities might have that kind of power over the population there.


      1. That doesn’t sound good at all then. Something about the Greeks is that they tend towards being conditionally law abiding ie they go along with things if they generally agree. If they don’t agree or if those in power act abusively, they tend to become bloody minded.

        It’s a shame that the Spanish mentality isn’t more like that, since laws like the ones proposed are very beneficial when used properly (and tyrannical when they aren’t obviously).


  2. Remember when it was only the homeless, mentally ill, and eccentrics who were subjected to this sort of thing?
    Now they’re treating even normals and upper-middle-class types like “surplus” “in-the-ways”.
    It’s like ….no-one’s FAVORED anymore ????

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    1. Yes, that’s exactly it. We are all now the surplus population or what Zygmunt Bauman called “wasted lives.” We are in the way. We are pesky, bothersome, stinking up the air, filling it with noxious fumes of our breathing.


  3. Part of my family is from Greek descent. I remember when they took my father’s land. I remember my mother trying to ‘visit’ her own peach orchard, and the person who suddenly owns it coldly saying to her ‘this is no longer yours. You cannot pick a peach or two. None’. I remember she cried.

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