Disappointing Shot

I took my Canadian sister to get COVID-vaccinated in the neighborhood pharmacy, and it was such a letdown! Instead of a sticker with a bar code like she got for her first shot back in Canada, in the US she only got a handwritten date and signature. I could have signed the paper for her, sparing her the bother of getting the shot!

The only reason why she agreed to get these shots was to avoid being locked up at a detention facility when she gets back. And now we don’t know if crazy Canadians will accept the handwritten proof of vaccination.

By the way, the stories she tells me about COVID lunacy in Canada are beyond anything that I knew or could imagine. We are so fortunate to be American, for real. Even those of us who live in deep blue states like Illinois.

6 thoughts on “Disappointing Shot

  1. Indeed, here they give a little hand-written card. If you lose it, that’s it! Hope your sister made a copy.

    Btw I just came back from a family trip with some folks who live in the bluest part of CA. Suffices to say — that part of the country has really gone cuckoo! These are highly educated and otherwise sensible people, but the covid lunacy has really gotten to them.

    If it’s not too traumatic, I’d love to hear some of your sister’s stories about covid lunacy in Canada. This is the sort of thing that should make real news, instead all we get are lies and slogans.


    1. In Canada, they published the numbers of how many people narced on their neighbors. Neighborhoods competed in which one did a better job calling the police on the guy across the street whose mom came to visit him or a kid who had a playdate.

      The fine for stepping outside during a quarantine is $750,000. Yes, thousand.

      A vehicle kept driving around the neighborhood day after day, blaring out of the loudspeaker: “STAY INSIDE! DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE!” Imagine. All day, for weeks.


      1. Wow that does sound extremely crazy. I am sorry your family has to go through this!
        It is indeed shocking the depths that “civilized” Western nations have descended to. I grew up in a “developing” country, and have experienced a lot of dysfunction — both first and second-hand — but this is un-imaginable, even by those standards.


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