Rule Britannia

Either there are way more Muslims in the UK than anybody suspects, or the Britannia that ruled the waves no longer exists.

7 thoughts on “Rule Britannia

  1. A good reaction to ‘check your privilege’ slogan:

    Привилегии и гандикапы
    По правде сказать, реакция на пост про скрытые привилегии вынесла мне мозг. Я был “удивлен и раздосадован”(с). Но наконец сообразил, в чем проблема. Для значительной части народа (и очень заметно, что эта часть примерно совпадает со множеством людей, находящихся внутри американского культурного поля) привилегии – это что-то плохое.


    1. In that discussion, el_d wrote something horrifying about American penal system:

      Translated quote:

      “thirteen states have no minimum age limit for criminal liability. That is, not at all. This is how a six-year-old child got caught in a juvenile court in North Carolina just now for the flowers he had picked. In other states, this limit is set for 13, 12, 10 years. In turn, a child or adolescent who has entered the system can be redirected to the adult stream by different channels. This can be done by a judge, prosecutor’s office, it still depends on the state. The more serious the crime, the higher the chance.

      In addition, if the procedure dragged on for months and months and by the beginning of the hearing the offender was 16, 17 or 18 – or whatever the cutoff point … hello, the adult system – with all its charms, from publicity to harsher sentences. Age at the time of the crime is insignificant.”


      1. Honestly, right now we are in the midst of a massive crime wave causes by the fact that prosecutors refuse to charge murderers, rapists, thieves, etc with crime and let them go, time and again. In Chicago last weekend a 1-month-old baby was shot in a mass shooting. It was the bloodiest weekend in a very long time. In New York, rapes are up 450%! It’s the worst situation in 20 years.

        We are really not on a situation where too many people go to jail. We are in a situation where too few do.


  2. I am not American, so believe you about the massive crime wave. Yet, couldn’t both things be true? While some teens at risk are turned into seasoned criminals and lives are destroyed, others walk?

    Have just read Izgad’s post re wokeness, new Christianity and Jews. In case you missed it, it’s here:

    // When Paulo Freire Says He Loves You, Run

    I have finished my first two courses for my teaching certification. In case you were wondering what the schools’ politics are, I was strongly encouraged to read Paulo Freire. As a good student and someone who tries to keep an open mind, I bothered to read his two most famous books, Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Pedagogy of Hope, even though they were not formally assigned.


    1. Freire is a completely crazy bastard. Unfortunately, his teachings are like the Bible to fussy leftists from wealthy backgrounds. They like to imagine themselves as oppressed. It makes them feel important.


      1. // They like to imagine themselves as oppressed.

        After Izgad’s post, it seems they primarily enjoy the thrill of recasting the worst impulses of human nature as a sign of their righteousness.

        It’s hard to imagine a wealthy, educated WASP American truly believing in being oppressed. However, reimagining one’s antisemitism as a sign of moral superiority is frighteningly easy.


      2. “Freire is a completely crazy bastard”

        I remember a professor in the US devoting most of a lecture to him and honestly not being able to tell if her (the professor) really believed it or was trying to make it sound ridiculous….


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