Protests in Cuba

People in Cuba have taken to the streets in a massive protest against the hunger, the corruption and the violence of its dictatorial regime.

The state media in Russia are referring to what’s happening in Cuba as “a color revolution.” That’s the term they commonly use for any protest against corrupt, dictatorial regimes. The implication is that such protests only happen when the CIA pays protesters to show up. The idea that people can actually stand up to a dictatorship or protest against a corrupt, oppressive government is unacceptable to the Russian regime for obvious reasons.

It is disappointing when good, intelligent people here in the US adopt this terminology used by a regime that routinely rapes teenage protesters with blunt objects.

On the subject of Cuba specifically, in all of my trips to Cuba I never met a single person of either sex or any age who didn’t try to prostitute themselves to me. Cubans definitely have reasons to be upset because that’s no life.

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