The Cerulean Sweater Theory

There’s this great scene in The Devil Wears Prada where a frumpy intern at a fashion magazine scoffs at fashion because it’s unimportant and she’s too cool to care. The editor of the magazine explains to the intern how her “cool and independent” clothing choices are controlled by the very fashion world she so much despises. The clothes that the intern wears are bastardized, cheap versions of big fashion trends. She’s been paying the fashion people she scoffs at forever and never knew it.

It’s the same thing with wokeness. You can ridicule it as a crazy fad that only exists on college campuses. But in reality, you’ve been paying for the bastardized, idiotic versions of those fads for years and they are everywhere in your life.

2 thoughts on “The Cerulean Sweater Theory

  1. An old (former) friend of mine recently used the phrase ‘gendered roles’ and I thought: something wrong with ‘sex roles’? Why use such a tortured phrase instead of a word used by English speakers for 600+ years for precisely the distinction you are making? Of course, the real reason to use ‘gendered’ in stead of ‘sex’ is that it’s a tribal shibboleth. It is not merely pretentious and ugly, but of a piece with a destructive ideology.

    A minor thing, to be sure, but one of the ways we pay for the bastardization of our culture. One of the cuts of the thousand cuts we’re now bleeding from.

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    1. I’m currently trying to eradicate all traces of this way of speaking and thinking from my teaching. It’s so hard! I’m only now realizing how much of the teaching we do is woke brainwashing and not actual teaching. It’s really scary. I have to check myself and veer away from wokesterism every 10 minutes.

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