Fried Rice

Today I had something called fried rice for the first time in my life. It was very good! There were crunchy long white shoots in it. Does anybody know what they are?

6 thoughts on “Fried Rice

      1. “Why have I never tried them before?”

        Don’t you avoid cuisines (east Asian) that use them?

        Hippies also made bean sprouts (actually mung bean sprouts) a thing but they most hippy usage was kind of blah (the health food problem – most health food tastes awful).

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          1. “this explains it.”

            Other ingredients to look for…

            Lime leaves (use like bay leaves, incredible with fish or chicken)

            Thai basil (very distinct from Italian basil with a minty taste but just as delicious)

            Thai bean paste (more a sauce made from soybeans with a very deep savory flavor)


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