Going Backwards

There was a single in-person event at work that I missed because I was out of state. My single opportunity to get with people at work, and I missed it. But now we are back to extreme paranoia, and everything that was going to be in-person is back on Zoom. And this is before the seasonal wave hits Illinois in November. I can only imagine the extent of the freakout when the seasonal wave comes.

8 thoughts on “Going Backwards

  1. sorry to hear. Truly. Here! Where I am in Alberta Canada, folks who test positive don’t even have to quarantine. No masks required unless a certain store/business requires them. I haven’t had to wear a mask since second week in June.

    At the same time, there are in fact crazy people I keep hearing about (I don’t watch the local news), who have actually been ‘protesting’ downtown, asking for lockdowns to be reinstated etc!!
    I will never understand such people! They apparently get into media personnels’ faces, and some have gotten aggressive and swatted cameras down! I mean..how on earth do those ones think -protesting ‘against’ having your freedom back, and basically demanding the government reverses the rules and locks you down in your house like a frightened caged little ferret, because ‘it’s unsafe’ to go walking around without a mask etc, yet, at the same time: you get way too close to some random cameraman doing his job reporting your protest, pulling your mask down, yelling and screaming with no social distance whatsoever!!!! How is that safe?! Does the virus just stops and says ‘yah I’ll bend the rules on this one! Get closer…you’ll be fine’

    It’s maddening!

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    1. This sounds so much better than Quebec! But then Quebec always had totalitarian leanings with its insane language laws, etc. I’m not surprised they blew a gasket with COVID. Ontario is harder to comprehend

      But I’m really, really happy much of Alberta is normal. I want to believe Canada can recover.

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      1. I seriously do not understand Ontario either! A conservative premier! Yet he acted/still does as if he was just let out of a loony-bin! But you know who’s even crazier? The TO mayor! He wants to implement vax passports. Poor Ontario! I am from Toronto and I love Ontario with all my heart..which is absolutely breaking at the lunacy happening


  2. Wait — did they cancel in-person classes in your university this semester? Due to the delta variant? That’s crazy! They haven’t even done that here in crazy California!


    1. We have in-person classes. I’m teaching in person, as always. Why professors can’t meet in a room when students can and some classes are held in person is a mystery.

      None of this has any logic, so I suspect it’s really about saving money on food.

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      1. “I suspect it’s really about saving money on food”

        Well they sure found your sore spot didn’t they?

        Anyhoo, isn’t this just creeping austerity? Now that Zoom owns most of the faculty lectures and teaching materials and has them recorded they can slowly start peeling away the other perks.

        No word here about the fall yet (classes don’t start till the beginning of October). The health minister said the ‘fourth wave’ is already here though hospitalization is still extremely low (just over 300 for the country) as are daily deaths (current 7 day moving average – 3) even though the scary Delta supposedly has become the dominant form five weeks ago…

        I think the campaign in some countries for booster shots is to ramp up hospitalization and deaths so they can justify more lockdowns.

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        1. I can see no other explanation for this measure than austerity. And of the cheapest, most miserable variety imaginable, too.

          This used to be an event where the new faculty were introduced. And now there are new faculty and no event. Just a sad, boring Zoom webinar.


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