Public Speaking Suggestions

Friends, I’m being invited to give two more public talks on subjects of my choosing. What should I speak about? What are the topics you’d like to hear me talk?

The audience are members of the public off campus, so non-academics. Mostly older, which means smart and informed.

9 thoughts on “Public Speaking Suggestions

  1. You once let your blog readers join a lecture on zoom. Will this lecture be streamed / online? Would love to listen to you, if possible, especially if it is on the subject of a nation state.

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    1. God, I hope these talks will be in person. I’m giving my first in-person talk since the pandemic in two weeks.

      But if it’s on Zoom again, I’ll share a link.


  2. Another topic of general interest to American listeners would be the reality of life in FSU and/or the processes currently happening in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.


    1. This was my previous talk, actually! It went really well but I don’t think anybody drew the parallels between the soft totalitarianism of the late USSR I described and the current moment in the US. Americans are such special cookies, they can’t imagine following in anybody’s footsteps.


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