Towards Authoritarianism

Quebec is announcing vaccine passports. This is a province with extremely humiliating, unreasonable, authoritarian language laws. It’s not surprising that it moved in the direction of further authoritarianism as the residents of the province cheer on their own oppression.

For years, I’ve been telling people that these language laws were a slippery slope. I wish I hadn’t been proven right so clearly and so soon.

Anybody who wants to argue that “this is not a big deal” is kindly asked to start their comment with pointing out what their hard limit is, as discussed in a previous post. Let’s say you are commanded to amputate your left arm for public good. Would that be a bridge too far? How about your child’s arm? How about your neighbor’s? What if the neighbor is a very annoying person? Would you support public beatings of people you don’t approve? Ritual humiliation? Flogging? How about morbidly obese people who are a drain on healthcare? Do you approve forced dieting for them? Is it just vaccine passports? How about general health passports? Free of addiction passports? Ideological compliance passports? What should people be barred from? Just restaurants? How about owning property? Procreating?

Now is the time to think about these things.

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