The private Christian school my kid will be attending for kindergarten doubled its enrollment this year. Doubled. The local Catholic school is doing even better. All within a year.

There’s an exodus from public schools even though they have reopened in full back in spring. There’s absolutely nothing that could entice me to bring my child into the public school system. Everything that is connected to it disgusts me. It so happened that I became a director of a teaching education program a year ago, and things I have seen make me want to vomit. It’s all about abusing children with disgusting, Soviet-style propaganda.

5 thoughts on “Exodus

  1. Stay on top of them. We are in our 15th and final year at our very, VERY beloved private school. My husband is serving his 5th year on the board. You would not believe the things that we at a conservative evangelical school in the South have to fend off. Repeatedly.
    The masking for this year was very contentious, and I fear that the sunbelt surge going on right as we begin school will be our undoing. I am holding the line on this one.
    We are also having a huge problem with woke-ism. It will kill our school if we aren’t careful. It’s unbelievably insidious.
    We, too, have had a huge influx of applications. Just be aware that these people can be like California voters. They might forget what drove them out of their old school. Make sure to remind them.

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  2. I am stuck with the public school system for lack of funds. My special needs child is suffering abuse at the hands of the school and it makes me ill. I wrote a letter to the school board yesterday and they didn’t even read it. The president sent me a “form letter” response. There is a board meeting tomorrow night and I will be there on the front row to make my presence known and my voice heard. It’s all I can do for now. My son is entering 7th grade and wore a mask all last year. I’ll be d*mned if I just sit by and let that happen again.

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  3. That’s interesting. Just the other day I was reading about the re-invigoration of Christianity in post Soviet states immediately following the fall of the USSR, where the writer of the article was saying that it was a return to roots etc.

    I wonder, though, if those people were fleeing the spiritually barren ideology of atomised atheism towards something familiar and good in the same way that many people today might be getting their kids out of gender obsessed woke public schools and into nice Christian ones. Interesting to think about, thanks 🙂

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    1. Unfortunately, it’s next to impossible to retake religion after a 70-year break. The way post-Soviet people became religious had nothing to do with spiritual life. It was mostly just superstition. And it was such a tiny percentage. In Russia, only about 2% of people are considered practicing Christians.

      Once you break this thread, it’s not fixable. But in the West it’s not too late! We can still bring it back! So yes, a good development.


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