At half past midnight, I discovered that Andrés Trapiello recently released a 500-page book about Madrid. I became so overcome with emotion that I accidentally poked myself in the eye. Now it is very sore, making me fear that I won’t be able to read the book when it arrives on Thursday.

This is very typical of my life.

2 thoughts on “Typical

  1. Free medical alert:

    Good news!

    You can read with one good eye, regardless of whether the visual impairment in the bad eye is temporary (as it will be in your case), or permanent (no danger of that).

    One of two scenarios will play out:
    EITHER you will have to cover your bad eye while you’re reading, so the blurry vision from it doesn’t confuse your brain, and impair your ability to see the print clearly,
    You might even be able to keep both eyes open while your read, because your brain may be capable of automatically suppressing the blurry vision from the bad eye,so that the entire text appears to,look clear with both eyes. This is the preferable technique to use (if it works for you), because it preserves the stereoscopic “3-D” depth perception that you get when using both eyes.

    I KNOW these techniques work! I’ve applied them myself several times in the past when I had transient difficulty with vision in one on my eyes.

    You’re welcome for the free advice!. 🙂

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