The Other Side Sucks, Too

One of the leading people in the fight against vaccine passports shared on social media that she got vaccinated. She was coerced into it and didn’t find the strength to resist. But she will continue the fight against vaccine passports.

Immediately, people started hounding her. “You are a traitor, you are a shit, I hope you die.”

And I’m thinking, people, it took you all of one second to turn into exactly the thing you were fighting. You are just as those who are hounding you.

Yes, it’s not everybody and not even the majority. Many vaccinated aren’t cheering on the persecution of the new unclean caste either. But it’s enough people to get us where we are. People with no principles, no compassion but with a burning need for cheap moral superiority.

2 thoughts on “The Other Side Sucks, Too

  1. Respectfully, I don’t think that it’s a need for moral superiority. The reaction is one of tribalism fed by fear. One group is scared that the other group will make them sick from the virus, while the other group is scared that the former will make them sick from forced administration of an experimental vaccine.

    No one knows when the virus will go away, and no one knows if or when a vaccine will be safe. So, in the meantime, both groups snarl at each other, and at any perceived dissenter.

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  2. What George said. It’s the creepy “We feel threatened, so we’re going to enforce group norms and tests of group loyalty x100”. It’s helpful to think of it as an initiation ritual, like circumcision or ritual scarring.

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