Before and After COVID

If before COVID means before the pandemic, then yes, absolutely. I’ve always been anti-needless meds and incapable of following meaningless, stupid rules. I always decide everything for myself and don’t understand the meaning of the word “trust.”

But if it means before I personally had COVID, then no. I was quite ill. If that kind of experience offers no insights into yourself and no opportunities to become a better person, then it was a total waste. It was a big, if unpleasant, experience. I’m grateful for it. I grew a lot. Not physically, though, because COVID did the impossible and made me stop eating.

Obviously, I’m not recommending that anybody get infected to achieve personal growth. There’s enough hardship in everybody’s life to do that.

5 thoughts on “Before and After COVID

    1. It’s not really COVID-related. One thing, for instance, is that my very first symptom that I didn’t identify as COVID at first was that I became extremely irritable. Getting freaked out over little things. So now I know that this irritable, unpleasant person lives inside me and I have to work on making her go away.

      Another thing is there was a moment when it got bad. I had trouble breathing, it was scary. I was almost ready to go to the hospital. But then I hugged my husband and stayed clamped to him for two hours. My oxygen saturation levels started going back up and from there I had a rapid improvement. That taught me a lot about what he means to me.

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      1. I too became irritable. And weepy. And woebegone. Then the fever hit. Then the chest congestion started and the throbbing sinus headache. I learned I have to trust God even when things seem really dire. His promise to never leave or forsake me is true. I have felt abandoned by family and friends during this whole pandemic. I am prone to depression. I learned I cannot give in to these feelings. I need to look at objective truth. I did everything humanly possible to heal – ate fruits and vegetables, took zinc, and rested.

        I wish I had a spouse to cling to. That sounds very healing. I went to the hospital and fought with the doctors and nurses. That was empowering. They wanted to give me all kinds of meds and I told them I didn’t need them. I learned fighting makes me feel more alive. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

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        1. I think it’s definitely a man-made or enhanced virus because there’s clearly a hormonal component that causes these effects.

          I’m very sorry your family and friends have been distant. This is very painful.


  1. I experienced a lot of growth over the pandemic, and not just since I had COVID. But then, I also worked throughout the whole thing, even when things were absolutely dead and then after, when things ramped up way beyond our usual volume.

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