Quis custodiet

This is pretty stunning:

None of these smug sheep nice people asked themselves, “who will determine which information is false? Why do I trust their judgment over mine?

6 thoughts on “Quis custodiet

  1. The government wouldn’t even know how to do it; a bunch of career bureaucrats simply do not have the know-how or cognitive skills to fix anything of this magnitude.

    What the government can do is help with creating guidelines around privacy laws and preventing young children from getting addicted. That’s more of a role where government can have a better impact.

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  2. I am not sure I believe this poll. It’s from Pew — remember their pre-election polls, and how wrong they were? I wonder if we are being told everybody else believes in censorship so we better hop to it too..


    1. “I am not sure I believe this poll.”

      Nail on the head.

      Or any published poll this far along into the woke cultural revolution.

      The official narrative über alles. Even if the numbers are real, it’s not as if the wokesters haven’t already poisoned the well a million ways.

      “It’s a rat trap Billy and you’re already caught.”


  3. “I wouldn’t believe it if I weren’t surrounded by people who agree with these ideas.”

    Fair comment.

    Here’s what I was driving at:

    1) Opinions no longer circulate freely in western polities. So, at best, contemporary polls only measure the opinion management skills of our wokester elites i.e. they measure ‘top down’ influence without any genuine expectation that ‘bottom up’ can any longer play a significant role in modifying elite behaviour.

    2) Notwithstanding the previous point, there are a million and two ways for pollsters to fix the outcome of their own polls to conform to their preferred narrative. As long as most, or even all, “fix” in the same direction, who’s to know?

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