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“We are seeing concerning evidence of waning vaccine effectiveness over time and against the Delta variant. Reports from our international colleagues, including Israel, suggest increased risk of SEVERE disease amongst those VACCINATED EARLY.”

– Director of the CDC.

According to COVIDiot logic, we should now hound, fire and unperson the poor schmucks who vaccinated early.

Alternatively, we could accept that respiratory viruses are unstoppable, like they’ve always been, and take measures based on that simple fact.

13 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. The interesting thing to me is these COVID mRNA vaccines are novel technology seeing their first use. I’m hoping they will continually get better and better as more research and development occurs.

    “Alternatively, we could accept that respiratory viruses are unstoppable, like they’ve always been, and take measures based on that simple fact. ”

    I think with better therapeutics we will eventually get to the point where we can take a more laissez-faire approach.


  2. You mean we shouldn’t hide in our houses and cry and moan, “Woah is me! It’s the end of the world!”? Like the nurse I met in the hospital? She said, “It’s clear the vaccines aren’t working. I’m afraid to get together with my friends anymore.” And this, from a person who is working with Covid patients all day.


  3. Btw I am sure we all realize what is happening here. All this moral panic about delta and kids is a ploy to create a market for child vaccines, which to be honest, nobody needs and may even be actively harmful. Most of Europe has now come to the consensus that children don’t need to COVID vaccines, so Pfizer is desperate that US should not slip away! I would not be surprised if someone at Pfizer has paid to put some of these kids and delta articles out there.


  4. Just to show good new possibilities of mRNA technology:

    “Moderna could start trials of its experimental mRNA HIV vaccine as early as 19 August, according to a new post from the firm on clinicaltrials.gov.

    The vaccine is a collaboration between Moderna, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).”



      1. // And then we’ll start firing and excluding people who didn’t take an utterly unnecessary HIV vaccine. And so on.

        That’s the opposite of noticing a silver lining in every cloud. 🙂 Don’t know if there is a good English proverb to describe this approach.

        And why would this HIV vaccine be ‘utterly unnecessary’? It would be much more necessary that a flu vaccine since pretty much everybody would rather get flu (or 10 covids) than HIV.

        Taking HIV vaccine would be vastly superior to current PrEP drug use. A few days ago, I saw this article:

        // Israel scraps all curbs on blood donations from gay men
        the move … was made due to drop in HIV rates and preventative treatments undertaken by homosexual men, who until now were allowed to give blood only if they had not had sex for at least 12 months

        Israel saw a spike in HIV infections in 2017-2018, which dropped in 2019, with a decline of more than 10% in infections across all sectors of the population, including the gay community.

        One reason for the decline is the now-common use of a drug called pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), which is taken daily as a preventative measure by people considered to be at high-risk to HIV exposure.



        1. The HIV vaccine is necessary for a tiny percentage of the population – gay men – who are at risk. It’s unnecessary for everybody else. Just like the COVID vaccine.


            1. Heh. You have run up against one of the Great Unstated Rules: you are not allowed to point out that lifestyle matters, when it comes to disease risk. I had the weirdest discussions with healthcare professionals during my pregnancies, about drugs they wanted to give my babies to treat gonorrhea in the eyes, picked up in the birth canal. They are not allowed to even contemplate the possibility that a woman could know that she’s not at risk for that, because they have to treat everyone the same… and they also have clients who are prostitutes, clients whose live-in boyfriends slept with ten other women during the pregnancy, etc.

              You can’t just say “We’re not trashy people, we don’t need this.” That’s mean and discriminatory or something.

              You have to say “don’t give this to my kid. We are willing to accept the risks.” Like you are signing off on going skydiving or something.

              I personally find it unbelievably insulting, that I have to be treated like a potential whore by medical professionals.

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      2. Clarissa, you’re like such a tech pessimist.

        mRNA vaccines will be used to treat many more illnesses such as zika, rabies, and even cancer. Heck, if this whole pandemic gets us to a vaccine against cancer, it will have been worth it.


        1. All I want to know – are all of those cancer “vaccines” going to be compulsory? Perhaps some of us do not care to be treated before we are actually sick. Some of us prefer to live healthy lives with regular exercise, healthy food and minimum of medication.

          By the way, this is the most amazing development for pharma companies ever. Package all your mRNA-based medication as a vaccine and no one can sue you ever again because you are not liable for any vaccine side effects. That’s pure genius.

          Good luck with all the mRNA shots you will be taking shortly for all the various diseases you may potentially get (or not). Let’s hope both their animal and human trials are going to be slightly more rigorous than the current ones.

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          1. Not to mention the lipid nanoparticles might give you cancer down the road.

            I went to a lecture recently on the mutation the BRCA gene, the one that causes a lot of cancers in breasts and ovaries. This mutation is usually inherited. So how come that people start and end their lives with it and not everyone develops cancer? It turns put that the cells start “noticing” the mutated protein only when they are under oxidative stress. As as we know, our nutrition is the source of most oxidative stress.

            Many cancers can be prevented by lifestyle. So can HIV, so can heavy cases of Covid. But people don’t want to listen that they are their worst enemy. They want a magic cure from outside while binging on bad TV and fried foods and in case of HIV have careless sex with random people.


        2. Actually, mRNA technology has been around for quite a while. But nobody could find any use for it because all the animals in the trials died. So it was one of those dead-end things that promises a lot and delivers next to nothing at who knows what cost.

          Illness and mortality are part of human condition. They aren’t going away.


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