Smug Mug

Before we met in person, N sent me a photo of himself, so I’d recognize him. And I almost decided not to go. The photo he sent was what he thought women would like. He looked smug, superior, and deeply annoying. In real life, he’s the most modest, humble, sweet person. It’s a lot more endearing than overconfidence.

Besides, there’s no place for two annoying, smug people in a relationship.

2 thoughts on “Smug Mug

  1. Haha! My husband and I talked online for about a year before we met in person. I had no idea what he looked like, and vice versa. So when we finally exchanged photos for ID purposes, planning a visit… he sent me a photo where he looked like he was 12 years old. Sitting in a wheelbarrow, holding a broom (apparently, “wheelbarrow jousting” is a thing on some college campuses). Fortunately “dorky photo” isn’t a dealbreaker for me 😉

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  2. [little voice] … oh yes there is …

    But they both have to be comedians so that the smugness is completely over the top. 🙂

    It could be worse: I’m an INTJ and therefore most of my pictures look like I’m planning someone’s demise.

    They don’t call it the INTJ Death Stare for nothing. 🙂


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