Open but Closed

The local public school is theoretically open. But in practice, they shut down whole classrooms for two weeks whenever any kid comes into contact with a COVID-positive person. The classes just started but several classrooms have been shut down and sent to Zoom for two weeks. The mothers – who were hoping to be able to go back to work in peace – are hysterical.

There’s no indication that this lunacy is ever going to end.

Public education is dead, my friends. The teachers either torture kids with Zoom or teach middle-schoolers that if they are white, their very existence is harmful (true story. I talked to the devastated mother of one of such kids yesterday.)

2 thoughts on “Open but Closed

    1. This is worse than an outright closure because it traps people with a false hope that the school will be open and they can plan their lives.

      A friend’s daughter is having a nervous breakdown because she’s about to lose her job. She believed the school was going to be open and her kids can attend. But it closed down 3 days into the school year. This is torture for kids and parents.

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