Talking to untenured university workers who are unvaccinated is heartbreaking. The people I talked to have very potent, non-trivial reasons to refuse. They are all preparing for being fired. The stories they tell are devastating.

Those of you who are vaccinated and support this incredible, pointless cruelty, really need to rethink your position. It’s not OK what you are doing. It’s not OK.

4 thoughts on “Preparing

  1. Clarissa, if any of these people happen to be Catholic and their reasons for refusing the vaccine can be tied to religious beliefs (for example, the use of fetal tissues in the development/production/testing of the vaccines) please direct them here:

    The letter can be modified and signed by the person asking for the exemption, there is no need for a third person (like a priest) to get involved. I know that this will work only for a very limited group of people, but if it can help just one person you know it will be something.

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    1. Wanna bet that progressive academics who hate casualiation and the “neoliberalism university” oh so much will be the first to enthusiastically support the purging of the unclean?


      1. It is worse than just supporting the purging. They are the ones calling for it while simultaneously talking about including DEI sections in their yearly reports.


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