Learn Your Biology

I can’t say which part of this is more offensive, whether the “pregnant people” garbage or the insistence on medicating pregnant women with untested, unproven new therapeutics.

What I do know, though, is that anybody who is unaware that only women can be pregnant doesn’t have useful medical recommendations to give. Learn some basic biology first, then we’ll see.

Good Moment

Something really great happened at work today. It demonstrates that if you work really hard and do your absolute best, even the impossible is possible. I’m completely psyched and will probably cry.

Also, I had to bring Klara to work today, and she entertained herself quietly for 4 hours, letting me work. I definitely need to sit somewhere on my own and cry it out.

Thirst for Knowledge

I have four speaking engagements currently scheduled. The topics are:

1. the ethical aspects of the relationship between the US and Latin America

2. why democracy is dying around the world

3. Shining Path in Peru

4. the Spanish Empire.

I don’t seek these engagements in any way. They find me and half of them are paid.

People are really eager to learn, which is great.