Helping Austerity

So what are companies with more than 100 employees do in response to Biden’s new vaccine mandate? The usual. Move everybody to part-time temporary contracts with no benefits. Outsource. This is the entire goal of this exercise. Make it easy to exercise austerity and blame it on the government and not the employers.

9 thoughts on “Helping Austerity

    1. What’s extraordinary is that he’s actively encouraging one group of citizens to hate another group of citizens. This was supposed to be a unity president. Instead, he’s being tragically divisive.

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  1. So if you have severe side effects and your employer provides no health insurance, can you then submit the medical bills to the employer? After all it’s a work-related injury.

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    1. That’s actually what I’m trying to figure out now. I know they are supposed to keep a record of adverse reactions when vaccines are mandated but my workplace hasn’t established a firm protocol.

      It can also influence who is allowed to treat you—your primary care provider or a occupational medicine provider. That can be problematic.


    2. “So if you have severe side effects…can you then submit the medical bills to the employer?”

      You could probably find an ambulance-chasing lawyer who would pursue a lawsuit against your employer — but since the courts seem to agree that employers have a constitutional right to mandate FDA-approved vaccines, you might have trouble winning the case.

      Hint: Sue your employer for a million dollars, and he might agree to settle out of court for $10,000.


      1. It wouldn’t be a lawsuit unless your worker’s compensation claim was denied. Since it’s considered an essential part of your employment you could feasibly have a case if you were vaccinated after the mandate went into effect.


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