Bye Bye, FB

Would anybody on here miss Facebook if it disappeared forever? Definitely not me.

And as for Instagram, that thing is downright evil.

Unfortunately, both these bastards will be perfectly fine. We will never get rid of them.

7 thoughts on “Bye Bye, FB

    1. Seeing strangers act like hateful idiots isn’t as painful as seeing the people you know and care about. I don’t have anybody on Twitter that I know in person.


  1. I eagerly look forward to FB’s demise, because once it’s gone, there will finally be a chance for homeschooler groups to find another dang platform for posting events and field trips. I deleted my account a year or more ago now, but I had to create a new one to use just to find events to take the kids to. I loathe logging on to do that, and involuntarily clench my teeth while using the site.

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  2. Facebook is a threat to civilised liberal democracies and should be shut down. It is openly manipulating the reality shown to people by shadowbanning people, displaying different data to different people depending on things like algorithmmic control, and imo is causing immeasurable harm.

    So no, I wouldn’t miss that evil thing for a single minute.

    Tinder should also be shut down imo. I’ve never used it, but many of the people I know who have have changed badly for the worse.

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