Neoliberal Unions

At the University of Sussex, the administration is defending a feminist professor’s right to speak her mind while the union is trying to pressure the administration to fire her.

At my university, we are 75% back to teaching in person now and 90% back next semester because the administration waged a massive battle against the union that wanted us to become a 100% online school for the foreseeable future.

Labor unions are nothing more than a neoliberalizing disciplinary agent. It pains me to say this because we all know my history of union organizing. But now unions are completely anti-worker and pro-Big Business.

3 thoughts on “Neoliberal Unions

  1. So basically, Kathleen Stock has been fired/cancelled for saying women should not be put at risk by weirdos. Definitely not the polite narrative – but men who think they are women used to be a mental disorder.

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  2. It varies from union to union but broadly, you are sadly right. It does vary by sector though. Education profession unions are especially awful, police unions tend to be good, the rest are a mixed bag. My friend who works for the post office says her union is fighting against vaccine mandates.

    Personally, having worked both union and non-union, I have no desire to ever work ununionized ever again.


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