Seeking Validation

The reason why people insist on having their life choices constantly affirmed is that there’s no longer any stable moral framework within which they’d find the knowledge of whether they are acting correctly without having to pester everybody else constantly. People freak out so badly when the correctness of their lifestyles isn’t beamed at them from everything and everybody because they don’t have a set of foundational beliefs about the good and the bad. They are like little children who need mommy to approve of how many pieces of candy they can eat because they have no idea how to decide that for themselves.

Take, for instance, the demands that everybody list their “pronouns.” This is infantile behavior that needs mommy constantly to confirm her love because the infant doesn’t know how to maintain the feeling of being loved on his own. Ideally, the child grows up and finds a way to maintain the feeling of being safe and valuable on his own. But if he doesn’t know how to do that, he’ll become clingy, pouty and will demand declarations of love and acceptance from everybody around him.

One thought on “Seeking Validation

  1. So what you are saying is, we have a chronic insecurity epidemic because we have removed God from his rightful place as ruler and king? Just like children without a human father are scarred–sometimes irreparably–and pass down their maladjusted discontents to their children, our culture as a whole is flailing in abject hedonism thinking we are better off without one, while at the same time longing in our deepest souls for the love and affection He would so gladly give if only we would acknowledge him. How very sad. Every time I read the Bible and God’s words about people who reject him, how he longs for them to love him in return, I am overwhelmed by His grace and kindness. Though we try like crazy to erase Him – he is writing the beauty of his love for us in kaleidoscopes of color all around us. Meanwhile we cover our eyes and scream, “I can’t see you!” as if that will make him cease to exist.


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