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Here is a link to a video by N’s favorite Russian-language podcaster (or YouTuber, I don’t know the difference). The linked video is about Charles Schwab’s The Great Reset, and I’m posting it because I wanted to say all of this myself but I don’t have the time. Again, this is all in Russian. If you want to hear these ideas in English, you are stuck with me.

P.S. I’m now listening to the Russian podcaster in my office, and wow, folks, he is like a mini-me. Some parts sound like they’ve been translated straight from my writing. I’m very glad nobody here speaks Russian and I can listen to dissident thought at work without anybody getting sore.

5 thoughts on “Russian Podcaster

  1. Thank you very much! I will add Андрей Фурсов to my favorites. The funny thing is that I noticed a few videos by him a few weeks ago, yet didn’t listen since wasn’t sure whether he was good or yet another Russian propagandist.

    Besides, his style is the definition of ‘dry academic.’ Latunina is fun listening to since she brings her personality, her sense of humor and, yes, emotions into her program, while Фурсов … He could read a cleaning manual in this tone.

    Now I heard he is good, I’ll listen to some his videos.

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    1. I tried listening to Latynina but it’s all very concentrated on Russian minutia. I’m sure it’s fun if one is in Russia but otherwise I don’t see what you are getting from it.


      1. Have you read Latynina’s books on Christ? They are even in a local Israeli library. May be, you would enjoy her take.

        As for listening to her, I recommend

        История Сакко и Ванцетти


        Разбираем: Отчего горят леса?


  2. Other interesting lectures are:


    And a very short one on MeToo:

    О женщинах и свободе


  3. If you click on the gear icon at the bottom of the video frame, there is a autotranslate option where you can pick the language of your choice. It’s not perfect, but I think it gives the gist.. Does it actually give a good English gist? That’s a question you could answer, Clarissa. How good is Google’s audio autotranslate in Youtube?

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