Between Boomer and Zoomer

This quiz diagnosed me as a quintessential Boomer. It’s true, I like Boomers and connect with them better than any other generation. Zoomers are fine, too. Woke but sweet.

24 thoughts on “Between Boomer and Zoomer

  1. I took the test, and here’s what I am:

    “Yep, you’re a MILLENIAL. Odds are you’re either unemployed or poor. It’s not just “laziness” or your love for avocados holding you back from buying a home. And you’ve chosen to get married later in life and hold back on having kids. After all, you’re already a mom to three fur babies.”

    Amazing how accurate these online tests are!

    (No, I didn’t cheat — but on a number of answers, my correct response would have been “neither.”


    1. Well, it’s not completely untrue. You did hold off on kids and had a cat instead. And it’s true you are not employed. The only question is how you feel about avocados.


      1. “how you feel about avocados.”

        I like them, but they didn’t hold me back from buying a home — I just waited until I retired. And I’ll NEVER get married.

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    2. I got the same result. Meanwhile I’ve been gainfully employed for most of my adult life, got married and had my first child in my 20s, own a home and have only one cat. It must be my love for modern esthetics and excitement in novelty foods that got me the result.

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    1. ” isn’t that just GenX?”

      There are different divisions. I’m technically a late boomer but some cut off a slice of late boomers and early X-ers as a separate transitional mini-generation – Generation Disco (with boomer hedonism but less ambitious and Gen X emotionalism but less miserable).

      The test though slots me as a millenial.

      I do love avocados…. but there’s gotta be more to it than that…


      1. Huh. I don’t identify with any of those groups. My birth year puts me right on the line between GenX and Millenial, I think. We got our first dialup home internet when I was fifteen.

        The quiz pegs me as millenial, but there were a lot of questions to which the truthful answer was “neither” or “both”. Snakes v. Spiders? I love them! Lace v. satin wedding dress? Come! Let me fill your ears with how much I hate them both! Skydiving or rock-climbing? No. Curly v. Straight hair? Bandana! Doctor or Journalist? Kill me now. etc.

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        1. Same here (on the answer being “neither” or “both”). Both questions about food would have been neither – I don’t eat eggs, and I find most deserts too sweet. I picked cheesecake because I would have picked off the raspberries on it.

          Wedding dress? I got married in jeans in front of a justice of the peace as a matter of principle. Weddings sure make a lot of businesses a lot of money, and what makes for a good marriage is honesty, good communication, kindness, etc. – not a lavish wedding.

          Same as you on snakes and spiders. Spiders are awesome because they catch other insects we don’t want! Sign me up for both skydiving and rock-climbing, both types of vacations, both national parks, etc.

          Anyway, I’m a millenial according to both my birth year (I think) and this quiz. Where is the line between GenX and Millenial anyway?

          P.S. methylethyl – you’ve written an insightful comment elsewhere about your adolescence and how modern culture assumes you must want to and be having casual sex. I agree with you, and I also dislike this aspect of it. I’m sorry your roommates were such… unpleasant people.

          Unlike what one may think from my comments, I was a “late bloomer”, at least by the standards of the day. Or the ones I imagined. I first had sex at 21 and constantly worried about my status, so to speak, before then. I wasn’t asked direct questions, but I always felt self-conscious and always assumed everyone else was having sex all the time. Obviously, a lot of this was in my own head, but the media (large corporations’ marketing departments, really) definitely encouraged that view.

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          1. Heh. The year I got married, the only wedding dresses available were strapless. Those don’t look good on everyone, I’m not the right shape for it, and showing up naked at church is a bad dream for me, not a great wedding idea. I made my own dress just so I could have sleeves. And I will never touch a piece of satin or lace trim again for as long as I live, if I can help it. PITA, at least from a sewing perspective.

            Would have done the JoP thing if we could have– religious obligation prevented us. We did swing the whole wedding for just under $1k, though, which was pretty good– including renting a wheelchair-accessible hall and having a small reception.

            I was certainly a late bloomer– emotional maturity held off til about 25. Even after that, I have never been the sort of person who can have a bunch of casual friends– much less casual lovers! Weirdly, my roommates (and my sister) were not unpleasant people. They were all pretty normal people who thought they were doing me a favor. They were true believers in the Cosmo lifestyle, and I was pretty sure it was just a raunchy comedy publication. It’s a special kind of misery refusing people you like, who think they’re helping you! No matter how gently I tried to phrase it (tact was not my strong suit), they usually got offended and took it as a personal judgement about their own lifestyles. I’m inclined to think this meant they weren’t as secure about their life choices as they claimed to be. Who knows?

            What matters is, I made the choices I thought best for myself, without consulting Cosmo, and they worked out very well for me. I like to throw that out there now and then, in case some younger version of me stumbles across it. There needs to be more encouragement out there for us! I’m not the only one, and you aren’t either 🙂

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            1. I also wish men shared their unconventional stories more. My husband, for instance, had no interest in women until his mid-twenties. Just didn’t occur to him. He’s extremely monogamous by nature. A fantastic dad. No interest in following sports although he’s very athletic. He always thought nobody would want him with these qualities because the image of a man is that of a player who’s had tons of women and is very sociable. Serial dating is terrifying to him. All he wanted was a wife but thought it was the wrong thing to want. And it’s kind of sad because there are actually many women who want exactly this kind of very family-oriented, quiet, extremely decent guy.

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              1. My husband is also a fantastic dad with no interest in sports, and rather a homebody (as am I, so this works great!) 😉 He says getting married was the best life-decision he’s ever made. If not for kids, we’d pretty much live in a library.

                When I think back to my early twenties, and how it seemed like there were no decent men out there, and it was probably impossible to find a man who had any redeeming qualities who hadn’t already slept with dozens of women… sigh. They’re out there! And by golly, they’ll be so relieved to meet a lady who just wants to get married 🙂 There should be a matchmaking service for weirdos like us…

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              2. Apparently, I am a millennial… Cliff must be right, it must be about the Big Bang Theory…
                As for unusual life stories – I was a pretty unusual teenager. But in retrospect I do not see it as particularly positive or amusing. It does not mean that I came to believe that I should have been a typical teenager of my time and place, or that I discovered the points of post-soviet style business or serial dating… But my weirdness was a manifestation of pretty serious psychological problems.


  2. This test is rigged. It probably just says you are a boomer if you chose the Greek food and a millenial if you liked the Thai or something.


      1. ” chose Greek, and it still said millenial”

        I think that’s a hypothetical example… these tests usually use a few key items to ‘determine’ which group you fall into.

        I’m wondering if Friends vs Big Bang Theory might be one of the key items….


          1. Friends is very Generation X (learning to count on friends and pseudo-familial bonds rather than crazy and/or unreliable parents who were early boomers or Silent Generation).

            Big Bang Theory is very Millenial (adulthood as an endless play date with parents who are distant, stern and entirely too involved in their children’s lives).

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