I recently found this divine thing at the Global Foods Store called juniper sausage. It’s extraordinary. Does anybody here use juniper berries in recipes? I’m eager to try them.

Speaking of sausage, my mother invented a recipe for cured sausage. One evening, she was sitting on the sofa, eating a piece of sausage when she heard my father’s footsteps. Unwilling to let him catch her eating sausage at night, she hid it in the sofa cushions and forgot about it.

Days later, she discovered the piece in the sofa, tasted it, and realized it was great.

Yes, Ukrainians and food. There’s always a story.

8 thoughts on “Juniper

  1. “juniper sausage. It’s extraordinary”

    If you’re referring to regular sausage seasoned with juniper… you don’t have that in Ukraine? I like it sometimes (the taste is too… specific to be a real everyday thing).


      1. It’s a coniferous bush that grows in alpine regions. Gin is flavoured with juniper, so if you liked it in your drinking days, that’s where you know the flavour from. The berries themselves pretty much taste like they smell – whatever I’ve nibbled when hiking is neither sweet nor sour (in fact, tastes surprisingly dry for a wet fruit) but very flavourful in a resiny way. Good stuff if you forgot your toothpaste at home, basically

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  2. Whenever anybody mentions juniper berries, it just makes me think of “Life of Brian”:

    PS They are good with salmon too.


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