Pro Social Distancing

One thing I do like about the COVIDocracy is that “social distancing” is still mandated. Nobody observes it any more. On campus, people huddle together all the time. They knowingly break the rules. This is great because it teaches them to exercise their own judgment and value it over that of an external authority. Sadly, it’s going to cost a lot to turn people from sheep to humans but whatever works.

One thought on “Pro Social Distancing

  1. ““social distancing” is still mandated. Nobody observes it any more”

    Where I am they put “DO NOT SIT!” signs on all the benches in the halls. Even the first day I was back for real classes a few students were perching on the very ends. Now they’re as full as they ever were. The “don’t sit” signs are still there…
    They gave up testing every student’s body temperature after something like three days…
    I don’t have a mask on while teaching (cause that is stupid) and some students are taking them off now too.

    But this is a place that has a loooong history of ignoring dysfunctional rules or working around them when they can’t be ignored. The US doesn’t have that general advantage….

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