Casual Cruelty

A school district in Michigan decided to stop holding classes on Fridays. Instead, students stay home and do “remote learning.” Obviously, this means that the parents must lose their jobs. Just like that, no warning. You thought you could plan your life a whole week ahead, you stupid peon? Ha ha.

The school district in question is 94% black and 56% low-income but not a single anti-racist or socialist has noticed or had a problem with this.

This kind of casual cruelty is going to become an inevitable feature of all public services. Remember the “universal free pre-K”? Avoid it with all you’ve got or prepare to be screwed in ways you don’t want to experience.

2 thoughts on “Casual Cruelty

  1. This may be a little off-topic but it’s definitely related.

    We should never have let the educational system become our childcare. We are allowing the public school system to propagandize our children. We are plugging them into a module like cogs in a machine. And we wonder why children are so confused and maladjusted and have so many behavioral issues.

    A few years ago I read an article that decried the public school system feeding children free lunch. I thought, “What’s wrong with free lunch?” Well, the author wrote that one of the basic things parents should do for their children is to feed them. When we stop forcing adults to feed their children, we stop holding them accountable to do so. I would also add that this makes children expect “free lunch”. And this may be true. We have a generation of entitled children who expect everything for free. I have friends who disagree with this assessment. They feel the state should feed hungry children. But if feels like we have enabled parents to be lazy in this regard.

    On a more personal level, my child is diabetic. I make his healthy lunch every single day. But he wants to eat “free school lunch” because it’s french fries, pizza, tater tots and other assorted junk food. I could not get the school to stop giving him “free lunch”. His blood sugars were through the roof. They were literally causing a medical emergency. Then, they held a conference to educate ME on how to feed my diabetic child because they were concerned about his blood sugars. I was FURIOUS. They finally grasped that he should not be allowed to “a la carte” food in the cafeteria. But what kid wants to eat Mom’s healthy lunch when he can eat crap for free?

    I write all of that to say that as a society, we are entirely too dependent on “the state” to take care of us. It makes me very angry that they are harming low-income people – but that’s always been the case. They give low-income folks carrots and then yank them away when they are most hungry. But really they are just showcasing how their logic; create a dependent low-income faction and then abuse them in an endless cycle. Because they are not people. They don’t matter. It’s wrong. It’s evil. And I wish it would stop.


    1. Totally with you on the lunches. I read the free lunch menu, and it’s garbage. There’s no way my kid is eating that every day. She doesn’t even know those foods exist. I pack her lunch, and it’s a beautiful experience. She tells me that all kids now bring lunches from home because I’m guessing most parents who started off with school lunches realized they were having a bad effect on the kids.

      We fret over the non-existent COVID threat for kids when childhood obesity is the real and very serious danger.


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