Early Sunrise

Until Klara started kindergarten I never woke up before 8:30 am, so I didn’t know how amazing daylight savings time really was. Today the sun was up before 6:30. She got up herself, dressed, washed, and was ready for breakfast before I even had time to prepare it. It’s heavenly. And she is ready for bed earlier because it’s dark outside by 6 pm.

💜💜💜 daylight savings. 🤬🤬🤬 childless whiners who are opposed.

16 thoughts on “Early Sunrise

  1. I am confused. Are you suggesting you like the daylight savings time? That’s the one we have in summer and it just ended.

    If you ask me, I hate the twice a year time changes. Just pick one time and stick with it.

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    1. “Just pick one time and stick with it”

      IIRC some parts of the US tried that in the 1970s and it didn’t go well. On summer time children ended up going to school (at a time when many went by themselves) in the dark…

      Similarly, regular time in the summer would mean daylight extremely early.

      People pay attention to the switch from day to night but the changes are most useful in the morning.

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  2. I don’t mind the changes tbh. Before this week, I’d have to wake the kids for school when it’s still very dark outside, and I only wake them half an hour before it’s time to leave. Having light in the mornings again is a good thing. Yeah, it’s dark when it’s come home from my afternoon lecture, but I will live.

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  3. I also love it when the clocks go back, although it seems like I am the only person in my town that feels that way. Like xykademiqz, I have a hard time getting my kids up when it is still dark out (it’s a bit like poking a hibernating bear), not to mention a hard time getting up myself. And I really, really needed that extra hour this weekend to catch up on life. (Who am I kidding, I need an extra 20 hours, but one hour was a good start!). Yay for time changes!

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      1. Yes! I got my whole winter garden (peas, fava beans, lettuce) planted before lunch, thanks to that extra hour (and thanks to my little helpers) 🙂


        1. It depends. Based on the experience of someone I know, sometimes yes and sometimes no, especially if your position is salaried and not per hour.


  4. All you unfortunate people who have to reset your clocks twice a year have my sympathy!

    You should move to Arizona or Hawaii, where we stay on standard time all year around. 🙂


  5. I hate the time change. I used to love the change in the fall, but this year with whatever is going on with me my body just cannot adjust. I leave work absolutely exhausted because my body thinks it’s an hour later.


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